Race Rules & Policies

Play Fair, Be Safe, Respect the Trails

Download 2020 Runner's Manual

The purpose of these policies is to ensure the run’s integrity as well as for the safety of all those involved. In order to do this we ask that you help us by abiding by these guidelines. Violations of any rules or directives may be grounds for disqualification.

  1. The RD has final authority on any question that may arise during the race.
  2. All Ultranaut Running trail races are cup-free races. Each runner is responsible for bringing their own reusable cup, hydration pack, and/or water bottle.
  3. There will be no unofficial runners.
  4. Each runner’s official run bib number must be worn prominently on the front of the body and must be easily visible at all times.
  5. Runners must check IN and OUT of each aid station. This is for the safety of the runners and volunteers.
  6. Runners must follow the marked trails at all times. Any runner departing from the official trail must return to the point of departure on foot before continuing.
  7. Runners may not store supplies of any kind along the trail.
  8. No accepting aid outside of a 400 yard radius of the an aid station.
  9. All cut-off times will be strictly enforced. Runners must be checked OUT of the aid station BEFORE the cut-off time.
  10. Pacers may meet their runner at CREW ACCESS AID STATIONS ONLY. See our Pacer/Crews page for information and guidelines about pacing and crewing.
  11. Littering of any kind is prohibited. Please respect the trails and the right of everyone to enjoy them.
  12. Runners must refrain from any act of bad sportsmanship.
  13. Any runner who is unable to finish the Run must personally inform the aid station captain of the nearest checkpoint turn in their bib#.

Recommended Volunteer Hours

We are strongly recommending at least 8 hours of volunteering at another race or trail maintenance. Download the form below. When completed you can email or send a copy of completed form to ultranautrunning@gmail.com. This form must be submitted by September 20, 2021.

Donation Option

Should you be unable to complete 8 hours of volunteer or trail work, you may also choose to donate to a not-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and management of  natural, scenic, historic, and cultural resources. Recommended organizations include the National Park Service, National Forest Service, State Parks and State Forests.

Race Week Schedule

Below is the schedule of events leading up to race day. Be advised, times and dates could and likely will change between now and as we get closer to race day. We will send out a series of newsletters to registrants in the months and weeks leading up to the race with updates and announcements. Be sure to follow us on social media as well.

Packet Pick-up, Runner Registration, & Drop Bag Drop-off
3:00 PM – 8:00 PM CST
Group Camp (Pickett CCC Memorial State Park)


Pre Race Briefing CANCELLED

Runner Check-in
8:00 AM – 11:30 AM CST
Group Camp (Pickett CCC Memorial State Park

Drop Bag Drop-off Deadline
11:30 AM CST
Group Camp (Pickett CCC Memorial State Park

No Business 100 Race Starts
10AM – 12PM CST
Group Camp (Pickett CCC Memorial State Park

Race Ends
9:00 PM CST
Group Camp (Pickett CCC Memorial State Park

Post Race Celebration and Awards CANCELLED

Travel & Lodging

Lodging at Group Camp (Start/Finish)

  • NO BUNKHOUSE LODGING for 2020. We have made the decision to prohibit lodging at the Group Camp Bunkhouses at the start/finish area. We know many of you have reserved beds for yourself and maybe your crew in the bunkhouses but because of the layout of the bunkhouses, we didn’t feel we could meet CDC and Tennessee guidelines for social distancing inside these facilities. If you reserved a bed(s) we will work with you to get you a full refund for the cost of the bed(s) as well as help you with locating alternative lodging/camping/etc.
  • Camping at Group Camp – TBD. We will likely be able to accommodate for rustic tent camping at the Group Camp. We are still working with the state park on approval.

Pickett State Park – Cabins and Camping

Other Nearby Lodging and Campsites

Training Runs

We will have a total of two training runs in 2020 to acquaint runners with sections of the No Business Hundred course. These training runs will help runners become familiar with navigating the course and technicality of the trails.

Training Run #1
Location (Reservations): Bandy Creek Campground
Dates: July 11th & 12th, 2020
Time: 8:00 AM EST
Details: The run on Saturday will be around 23-24 miles. We’ll be running from out of the campground along Fall Branch out to Grand Gap Loop, then along the John Muir Trail and finish coming back on Duncan Hollow Road. All but the 4 miles back on gravel are part of the NB100 course. This route is very runnable but exposed in some sections so be prepared and bring plenty of nutrition and hydration. There are options to cut the route short if you’re not up for the whole thing. Also remember the course will not be marked. You are responsible for your own navigation and safety.

Here is a link to the route on Caltop: https://caltopo.com/m/PSN0

We will have a cookout at the Bandy Creek swimming pool area after the Saturday run. We have created a signup form in Google Forms for you to fill-out to help us get an idea of how many people plan to attend so we can have enough food for everyone. Feel free to bring anything extra you might want to eat or drink or even share. Our plan is to get hamburgers and hot dogs, snacks, and some drinks but BOB.

Here is the sign-up form: https://forms.gle/NXkKqVhejFnPTVzD9

The plan for Sunday is to run out to Charit Creek Lodge from the Bandy Creek Campground and back. We’ll use the actually NB100 course but depending on who sticks around and what you all want to do Sunday, we might add a trip up to Twin Arches if everyone is up for it.

It looks like there are still some campsites available at Bandy Creek. Most people are camping in Loop A.

Training Run #2
Location (Reservations): Pickett CCC Memorial State Park
Dates: Sept 12, 2020
Time: 8:00 AM CST
Details: Coming Soon!

These training runs will be free of charge and thus not considered officially sanctioned activities. That means you will be responsible for your own transportation, lodging/camping, food/water, and safety.

*You do NOT need to be a NB100 Entrant to participate in the training runs.